How to remove grease stains

Posted 13th September, 2013 by in Cleaning-Guides

Grease and oil stains are usually the source of one of the most stubborn stain to remove on clothing and other materials. However, there are some handy tips that you can use to bring down oil stains.

Supplies required for removing oil and grease from clothing.

· Baking soda, Talcum powder or Cornstarch

· Powder laundry detergent such as Tide

· Colorless grease-fighting dishwashing liquid

Steps on removing grease stain from clothing

   Begin by laying the clothing on a flat surface with the stain facing up. Sprinkle the flour, baking powder, talcium powder or cornstarch on it and allow it to sit for twenty minutes. Brush off the powder from the clothing and if possible, repeat the first step to absorb more grease and oil from the clothing.

   Gently apply the dishwashing liquid on the area that has been stained. Dishwashing liquids have grease-fighting action and this is why they are effective tools for remove grease and oil stains from clothing. Allow this to sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse the stain spot and clothing using hot water. By now you should have some or even all the stain gone from the clothing. Rub the powder laundry detergent on the spot. Wash the cloth as usual. After removing the clothing from the washing machine, confirm if the stain is gone. If it is, then continue with the drying process. Avoid drying the clothing if you aren’t satisfied with the stain removal. Instead, repeat the whole process again.


Removing grease stains from other household surfaces

   There are steps that you can use to remove auto grease and cooking grease from household surfaces such as Aluminum, acrylic plastic, asphalt bamboo, ceramic, cane, ceramic, Linoleum, paint/gloss, porcelain dishes, vinyl tile, Stainless steel, vinyl wallcovering and plexiglas.

   Begin by soaking up any excess grease using a paper towel or any other cloth. You should then wipe the surface using a sponge or cloth dipped in warm and sudsy water. Put a pad dampened with dry spotter on the stain. If you don’t have dry spotter, you can make some using dry-cleaning solvent and coconut oil. Clean the area with additional dry cleaning solvent. You can also use a stiff bristled brush to remove the stain. Rinse well and wipe dry.


Additional tips and advice

   Bear in mind that the effective removal of any stain is in removing it as quickly as possible. If you leave it long enough, it becomes tougher to remove. Whether the stain is caused by salad dressing, grease or motor oil, it is always recommended to remove it as soon as possible. Every time the clothing undergo the dry cycle in the drier, the chances of removing it completely is diminished. If the stain doesn’t completely go after the first wash cycle, avoid drying it.

   After pitting the fabric through the drying process, the grease becomes more stubborn to remove. If you aren’t happy with the results, repeat the whole process. Ensure that you dilute detergents that have strong colors and if possible use colorless. Detergents that have strong colors can stain lightly colored clothing.

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